When quarantine restrictions will be relaxed in Poland


When quarantine restrictions will be relaxed in Poland

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Polish authorities have announced the easing of quarantine restrictions imposed to combat the coronavirus pandemic. From June 6, the maximum number of people during mass celebrations will increase from 50 to 150. The new rules may change according to the dynamics of the epidemiological situation in the country.

This was announced on Wednesday, June 2, by the Minister of Health Adam Nedzelsky, Polskie Radio reports.

“We are restoring the possibility of holding fairs, conferences, exhibitions in the traditional way with the same limit for other events, other indoor events, when one person is on 15 square meters. The same standard applies to shops, places of worship and other areas, ”the minister said, adding that playrooms for children would also be allowed.

At the same time, the restrictions do not apply to persons who have been fully vaccinated. The new provisions are due to take effect from 6 to 25 June. Depending on the development of the epidemic situation, they can change.

According to DW, under the new rules from June 6, the maximum number of people who can be present at celebrations, such as weddings, will increase from 50 to 150.

“Despite the increase in population mobility, we see that the rates of new cases of infection (coronavirus – ed.) And the occupancy of hospital beds are declining,” said Nedzelsky.

According to Worldometers, as of June 2, more than 2.8 million cases of coronavirus COVID-19 (14th in the world) were diagnosed in Poland, more than 73.9 thousand people died as a result of the disease, and more than 2.6 million recovered persons. According to Ourworldindata, as of June 1, more than 13.9 million people (36.7% of Poland’s population) were vaccinated against coronavirus in the country.